Life Is Unfolding

I was listening to author and publisher Marc Allen on a podcast earlier this week. Marc is the co-founder of New World Library Publishing. He rose to prominence following the publication of “Creative Visualization,” a best-selling book, authored by his business partner, Shakti Gawain. His company also publishes the writings of Eckhart Tolle. During the interview, Marc spoke about his life prior to reaching his 30th birthday. He said that in his 20’s he was financially broke and emotionally depressed. However, on his 30th birthday, Marc envisioned himself creating a successful publishing business, despite having no prior business experience. He envisioned himself creating and producing music and also writing books of his own. He also envisioned owning a beautiful home in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Marc wanted to achieve his dreams within five years, and without working too hard. By age 35, Marc said that his dreams had come true, except it took longer than five years to manifest his dream home.
Dreams do come true. I am inspired by success stories. I want to inspire others too. For example, I have just self-published my second book, “HOW TO BECOME AN AIRLINE PILOT – Achieve Your Dream Without Going Broke.” It was less than two years ago that I decided to become an author. I visualized myself writing books and now two books have been created. I fulfilled my dreams while working full-time as an airline pilot.
I haven’t shared this before, but I am like Marc Allen. I don’t want to work hard, day after day. I prefer a life of leisure, as opposed to a life of hard work. Since becoming an airline pilot, I have enjoyed lots of free time and I now live the life I previously imagined. I see the future in my mind as I desire my future to be.
For several years, I have been talking about the law of attraction. Why? Because the law of attraction is working in my life. What we think about becomes our reality. What we focus on expands. Sadly, most people have zero interest in the law of attraction. Most of us are too focused on our current reality. Thus, we continue creating our present reality, day after day after day.
Under a microscope, a scientist will see that human beings are comprised of whirling neutrons, protons, and electrons. We are energy in motion. Most of us never consider this reality, because our eyesight isn’t powerful enough to see our true nature. In reality, on the sub-atomic level, we are mostly empty space.
Given our physical make-up, why is it so hard to believe that our thoughts create our reality? What else would create our reality? Everything human begins have created began with a thought. Every building, every gadget, every piece of art began with a thought. Therefore, our thoughts must also create our lives. It is simple logic. A thought is non-physical energy.
Looking back at my life, I can see that when I allowed myself to focus on scarcity, I lived a life of scarcity. When I began focusing on wealth, happiness, and adventure, I created more wealth, happiness, and adventure. The law of attraction works. Still, most of us refuse to believe that life works this way. We have been conditioned to believe that only hard-work will lead to success. We are taught that hard-work is a virtue. We feel guilty if we miss a single day of work. We fear getting fired from a job we don’t even like. We don’t realize that we have been programmed to believe as we do. I never did, until my late 20s. I didn’t know any different. I only learned about the law of attraction because others shared their message, just as I am sharing my message. It’s the same message. We create our lives with our thoughts.
I am always thinking about becoming a successful author and speaker. I see myself walking on the beach in Maui, after a morning spent writing in my home with a view of the sea. I also envision myself writing a book while living in Amsterdam. I envision a life of leisure, passion, wealth, and happiness.
Why not think about what I want? If I am not creating my life, who is? I believe that what I envision today will eventually become my reality. If I fail to visualize my future, I may end up living someone else’s vision. I am determined to live my vision.
What do you envision for yourself? Write down you five-year plan. What will your life look like? Where will you be living and working? How much money will you have in the bank? What about your relationships? Focus on what you want. Never focus on what you don’t want. The Universe never hears the word “no.” Always focus on the positive. Never dwell on the negative.
If you are a smoker, and you want to quit smoking, do not see yourself as a “non-smoker.” Envision yourself as a healthy person. Replace the negative image with a positive image. A healthy person would never smoke. A non-smoker is a person who is still focused on cigarettes. A healthy person is focused on health.
I envision my future because time will pass, and unless I have a destination, I may end up lost, broke, and lonely. Because I focus on what I desire, I know where I am going and I am confident I will arrive at my destination. When a cruise ship leaves port, the Captain has a destination in mind. He is not allowing the current determine the path of the ship. He has set a course. Because he sets a course, the ship will arrive at its destination.
Our lives are similar to ships. If we don’t set a course, we drift aimlessly. You might end up in Hawaii, or you might end up on the rocks. Personally, I have set a course for Maui. Will you join me?

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